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Bathroom showcase

This is your dream

Bathroom Showcase

Let us inspire you with bathroom designs that we can achieve for your home.

Modern Bathrooms

Modern Bathrooms

Give your bathroom that modern, sophisticated look with clean lines and great practicality.

Boho Bathrooms

Elegant luxury that is practical and functional. Get that classic look that will always stand the test of time.

Vintage Bathrooms

Give your bathroom the classic look while still feeling luxurious with a vintage-inspired makeover.

Coastal Bathrooms

Coastal-style bathrooms provide you with an airy, serene feel that is both timeless but with an edge. Clean lines, open spaces, plenty of natural light and a perfect blend of modern accessories and wooden accents are a must!

Bathroom design consultaton

Book a Consultation

Book a free consultation with Sydney's expert bathroom renovations company! We'll come to see you throughout Sydney and will help you design and build your dream bathroom. It's completely obligation-free!

Scandinavian Bathrooms

Scandinavian bathrooms are beautiful, timeless and inviting. With clean lines, neutral tones and a very modern feel, you're sure love every moment you spend relaxing in your new bathroom!

Hamptons Style Bathrooms

Elegant and stylish, Hampton-style bathrooms are incredibly beautiful with classic-inspired cabinetry.  

Come see some of the exceptional bathroom's we've delivered for our clients! Each one has been meticulously built to perfection with not a tile out of place!

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